I'm Adam, 26 year old aspiring 3D artist from Glasgow, Scotland.

Things I like to blog about include:
Music, TV/film, gaming, coffee, Grey's Anatomy, Tori Amos, Shirley Manson/Garbage, hot men, tattoos/piercings, inspirational pish, quotations, song lyrics, 30 Seconds to Mars, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Flyleaf, The Pretty Reckless/Taylor Momsen, horror, sci-fi, Pokemon, foxes and a lot of random humour.


Badass Women: Trinity

”How about you sample this instead?”
this is so adorable, really happy for you (:

who knew i could be adorable? ^_^ thanks for the nice message!

I hope things only get better and better!

thank you (: that’s so nice of you to say. there’s a lot of crappy life-stuff going on for us both right now, but we’re trying hard to look past it and we’re managing to stay happy

so Scott and I are making plans for this weekend to do something romantic since we’ve been together for 2 years now, and I’m just sat here thinking about how crazy that is.

I honestly didn’t see my life going this way at all. my last relationships were basically disasters and I’ve since then found out new information that made me realise they were even worse than I thought at the time. then all the drama i had to deal with after the rape incidents made it virtually impossible for me to have a normal relationship again, along with putting me in a really messed up place sexually. also there were some very unfortunate attempts (on my part) at dating after that, which didn’t help things either. by the time i met Scott, trying to get into a romantic relationship was literally of no interest to me anymore, but somehow he kept hanging around and before i even realised it; we’re a couple, and now it’s been 2 fucking years :\

this has been a really shitty year for each of us so far personally, and there’s been a lot of difficult things to process. having a boyfriend doesn’t magically make everything shiny and happy and all your problems disappear, like a lot of people i know seem to believe, but i guess it helps having someone else around sometimes. at the same time it means i’m also taking on another person’s troubles too, and i’ve developed some serious fears about the future of relationships in general. most of the time i still have no idea how to even be half of a couple. but i seem to be doing ok so far. things have really turned around out of nowhere and i’m not really the person i thought i was. i’m glad i stuck it out to get this far.